YouTuber Insists you be Hit by an Anvil

Wed Oct 26. 2022

YouTuber Insists you be Hit by an Anvil

YouTubers who make Minecraft mods are getting into comedy, rather than making useful things. We think that many of the most recent videos, such as the one that adds chicken hats or the one that transforms swords into helicopters are more about YouTubers flexing their muscles than anything else.

Although the best Minecraft mods can often be done by you, it's still great to see some of the more unusual ideas come to life. There are many things that are entertaining to watch, but not something you can do. However, it would be great to drop an anvil on a friend.

Today's video features Mysticat, the maestro of mischief. They decide to build the strangest ideas that fans have given them. Rocket ships are a similar idea to the Minecraft cars of a few months back. There are also less useful things, such as having an anvil spawn whenever the player jumps. Although we don't know why an anvil would fall on you every time you jump it makes the game feel very Looney Tunes-esque.

One of the most ineffective is one that crashes the game every time you load it. We don't know why you would want it, other than to avoid distractions for productivity reasons. Mysticat also points out that Twitter is already in Minecraft. This is a big deal because many of us use it regularly.

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