Things Beginners should do first when Starting Minecraft

Wed Nov 9. 2022

Things Beginners should do first when Starting Minecraft

Minecraft has been around since 2011, and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. However, many people still try the game for the first-time. It has a loyal fan base and developers regularly release huge updates to the game that expand its content and take it into exciting new directions.

It can be overwhelming for those just starting out in Minecraft. Here are some tips to help you get through the first few nights and give you a head start on what you should do.

The world height has increased for the first times in years. Building can now occur from Y=-64 up to Y=320. This update will reflect the effects of these changes on players in the early games.

Punch a Tree

Wood is the main building block that you will be using throughout the game. To make planks, gather a few logs and then open your inventory. To create a Crafting bench, use four planks from your mini crafting grid.

Stone Age

You can use your wooden pickaxe to gather some stone. Then, you can make stone versions of pickaxes, axes, shovels, hoes, shovels, and swords using the stone. You're now ready to move on to the next step with these tools in hand.

Make a Shelter

This can be avoided by sleeping in a bed made from sheep wool and wood. You will likely spend your first night hiding indoors as sheep can only be found in certain biomes. You can use your tools to find enough material, whether it's dirt, stone, or wood, to build a shelter.

Find Some Food

If your hunger level continues to drop, you will eventually become unable run and eventually lose your health. To keep yourself alive, it's important that you eat basic foodstuffs such as meat, fish, berries and apples from oak trees. Certain foods provide more sation, which means that players can gain more hunger and lasts longer. One of the best sources is cooked beef.

Light It Up

To make torches, you can either collect coal from the environment or create charcoal by heating stone blocks in a furnace and then using wooden logs to make charcoal. To make torches, you can place charcoal on top of a stick in your crafting area. These torches can be placed anywhere you want to generate light and prevent mob-spawning from occurring in the area.

Locate a Cave

Here, you will find giant chasms and lush caves that are full of life and food. Keep an eye on the torch supply. Caves can be used as large underground shelters or for gathering raw materials.

Gather raw materials

In any case, you want to look for small tan flecks of stone that are iron ore blocks. These can be taken out and mixed with any coal that you have. Once the iron has been 'cooked', it can be used to make iron tools. Iron ore usually spawns at Y= 16 but larger veins can be found between Y= -16 and Y= -8. Coal is often much closer to the surface.

Locate A Village

You can also find beds in their homes, chests with food, sometimes diamonds, and endless bales hay. Players will be rewarded for destroying the haybales with more Wheat than what they can use. For some bread, try putting three in a row on the Crafting Bench.

Start the Iron Age

Your number one priority should be to always have an iron pickaxe with you. Only an iron pickaxe can be used to mine valuable blocks such as gold, redstone, or diamonds. You can't use any other tools to mine the block, and you won't get the valuables inside. Make sure you have an iron pickaxe.

Start a Farm

Make a small water pool near your base using the bucket you made. Use your hoe to plow the grass blocks in rows, up to four blocks from the water. Now, go around and cut down any grass that is growing around you. Gather seeds and plant them in the prepared blocks. After a few days, you will see brown wheat ready for harvest. This can be made into bread and provides you with a sustainable source of food.

Breed animals

Cows are the best choice if there are many animals. This is because of their leather. You can use this to make bookshelves, which will allow you to store the most powerful enchantments. However, it can be tedious to grind the bookshelves. You can breed cows and sheep by feeding them the same type of wheat. Pigs will eat carrots and beetroot, while chickens will eat seeds.

Find diamonds

Diamond is only visible at certain elevations, below Y=16. However, it becomes more abundant the lower you go. For larger veins, Y= 56 seems to be the ideal depth. At this elevation, mine a long hallway and every five blocks mine hallways that branch out. This is strip mining, and it is the most efficient method of finding diamonds in the game. You can see the presence of diamonds in large caves, so make sure to go through all you find.

Upgrade your home security

Flat roofs should be lit with torches or made from slabs. This is so that block mobs cannot spawn on them. In case of a storm rolling in, a stone roof would be a good idea. While wood might look great, stone is safer and can be used to avoid fire hazards. Here are some ideas for cool builds.

Create a Nether Portal

To create a portal to the Nether, the player must mine ten obsidian blocks. These blocks can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe. Place them in a doorway measuring two by three. Corners can be any block. The portal must be lit with a flint-and-steel, which is made from combining an iron ingot with flint. This is obtained by shoveling gravel.

Find A Nether Fortress

There are also Nether fortresses which are large dark castles built out of Nether brick. There are tons of loot inside, as well as black Wither skeletons, and fireball-slinging Blazes. Blazes will drop Blazerods which can be used to make potion and later on to find an End Portal. Don't destroy any Blaze spawners within the fortress. Blaze rods can also be made into Blaze Powder by adding Ender Pearls to it. This will create the compass that will lead you to the portal.

Find The End Portal

You'll eventually find a room with a Silverfish Spawninger and a mysteriously-looking set of blocks above a lava pool. Before the portal opens to a new dimension, twelve slots must be filled with Eyes of Ender. The portal can't be opened without you killing the Ender Dragon. Prepare yourself with a good bow, slow falling potions, and plenty of food.

Redstone is a great material for experimentation

Automated doors, huge farms for any purpose you can imagine, traps around your fortress base or bulk smelting Iron ore you have just dug up. It can be complicated so follow these guidelines and let your imagination run wild.