Minecraft 1.18 Update

Mon Dec 12. 2022

Minecraft 1.18 Update

- How to Update- New Biomes
- Other blocks or items
- Seed Parity
- Warden (Delayed)

The Minecraft 1.18 update has arrived. Caves & Cliffs Part 2 brings you the rest of the changes Mojang had in mind when they announced the major update back at 2020. You'll find new biomes that are mountain- and cave-based, as well as new blocks and items. Version 1.17 already included many of the mobs, plants, and other features that are found in the new biomes. However, they will all now naturally generate in their own homes.

We discovered this at this year's Minecraft Live that the big, dangerous Wardens and Deep Dark biomes have been removed from this version. They are now coming in the 1.19 Wild Update, which Mojang announced will come in 2022.

Update 1.18 is now available. Here's everything you need to know about Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2.

When will Minecraft 1.18 be released?

Before you load your save files into the latest version of the game, always back them up. Mojang has made changes to world generation. New chunks generated in worlds that you bring forward to 1.18 will better blend in with the terrain in your save files. Long live big chunk borders in old worlds!

How to update Minecraft Bedrock Edition for PC

Xbox App

Just below the Xbox logo, look for the 'My Collection" tile in the upper left corner of the app. Click on it, then click the "Manage Installs" button at the top right. It will take a few seconds for it to populate, and Minecraft should be in the list. You're ready to go!

Microsoft Store

Find the 'Library" tile at the bottom of your menu. Click on this link to view any updates available for your apps. Minecraft should be listed there. You should click on update and let it finish.

New biomes

Cheese caves - Huge caves that contain aquifers or ore.
Spaghetti caves are long and thin, and may contain small aquifers.
Noodle caves are similar to Spaghetti caves, but smaller.

Lush Caves

Caves aren't new to Minecraft. However, they can be dangerous, especially if you stumble upon an old mine. All that is changed by the Lush Caves biome. Although there are still potential dangers, the new biome gives Minecraft's underground world a more welcoming feel. It adds a lot of plant life to an otherwise dead environment.

Lush Caves are the best place to find Minecraft axolotls. Currently, they can only be found underground water sources. Cave vines, glowberries , and drip leaf should also grow abundantly here. Lush Caves can be identified by the Azalea trees which grow above them in the world terrain.

Dripstone Cave

Be aware of the dangers this environment can pose. You could end up in a pit of stalagmites.

Mountain sub-biomes

Mountain Meadow Low mountain areas. Here you will find a variety of flowers and sweet berry bushes.
Mountain Grove: This is the first area of mountainous terrain that has been snowcovered. Here you will find plenty of rabbits, spruce and other trees.
Snowy Slopes - Higher still, the Snowy Slopes are home for goats, snow, ice.
Lofty Peaks: These snow-covered peaks can only be generated if the mountain is sufficiently high and the surrounding biomes warm.
Snow Capped Peaks is a biome that only generates if the surrounding biomes get too cold for Lofty Peaks. Here you can find snow blocks as well as packed ice.
Stony Peaks - This biome is a variation of lofty/snowcapped mountains that uses stone and gravel rather than snow and ice. It is used to avoid temperature conflicts such as a snowcapped peak in a middle of a jungle.

Other blocks and items

Ore veins

Copper and iron ore veins look like a snake and should produce a lot of ore. Ore veins containing copper ore and granite are found at Y=0 and higher. Below Y=0 the ore vein will provide you with iron ore and tuff.

More Lena Raine Music

Minecraft will soon have more of Lena Raine's music. Survival mode now has five new songs that are associated with new biomes. You can now find the music disc "otherside" in strongholds or dungeons.

Minecraft 1.18 Seed Parity

Mojang revealed a major detail about Minecraft 1.18 during the Minecraft Live 2021 event. The second half of Caves & Cliffs will feature Minecraft's two main versions, Java and Bedrock. They will share nearly identical world seeds.

By entering a number into the new world menu, you can create a Minecraft world seed. Any save file created using a specific world seed will be identical to any others using the same seed. This only applies if you are using the same version Minecraft. As you can see, Java and Bedrock have different world seeds.

Version 1.18 has Java and Bedrock Minecraft versions that have nearly identical worlds created by the same seed. Mojang states that we are not yet 100% seed parity, but we are getting close. It's very similar. Details will vary. One of the Mojang examples shows how close your Java world and Bedrock world will be. Can you spot the differences between them?

The Warden mob was delayed

Wardens, which are underground, are blind and respond to vibrations and movement rather than light. The area will dim if you approach one, regardless of the light source. The 'horns' that are on the head of the animal will glow and rattle to let you know if it is aware of you.

They are very scary , have a lot of health, and can do a lot of damage. They are also larger than an Iron Golem and stand taller than them. If you don't stop to avoid them, they will chase you. They can be tricked with objects such as eggs or snowballs.