Last Man Standing OSRS

Thu Dec 22. 2022

Last Man Standing OSRS

What is Last Man Standing

Last man standing is a minigame in OSRS. It starts when at least 4 players, or up to 24 are teleported to an island where they must fight and use whatever they can find to out-survive others on the island.
Last Man Standing is available in 3 modes.

– The casual mode as the name implies is played just for fun and it doesn't affect the players scores and it also doesn't award any changes in rating.

– Competitive on the other hand requires total level of 150 or more and requires 24 players before starting. After a competitive Last Man Standing game is finished however the participating players's scores and ratings are updated depending on their performances.

– High Stakes mode is the last and the most punishing as it requires in the addition to the competitive requirements the starting buy-in of 500k gold. However it also rewards the winners with virtual points and a tidy sum of 7.5M coins while the second place gets only 2.5M coins.

Playing Last Man Standing

When you get teleported to the island all your stats will be maxed out and you will be provided with infinite reserves of run energy and prayer points. Killing a player will top you up on the stats and fill the special attack while also providing you with a bloody key which when used to open the bloody chests let you get powerful items to make your chances of survival slightly more in your favor. As with other battle royales the “safe zone” will start to shrink with the spread of the fog which will force players together and force them to fight each other or brave the damaging fog.

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