Games like Minecraft on Android

Sat Dec 31. 2022

Games like Minecraft on Android

We would like to honor The Blockheads (APKMirror) with an honorable mention. It was a popular Minecraft alternative for many decades, but Noodlecake had the decision to remove it due to disputes with Google Play. You will need to install the APK now. If you need help, we have a guide.


LostMiner is very similar to Terraria. It is a 2D-style game that still allows for building, mining, and crafting. You can also find animals, bad guys, and other items while you play. Although the graphics aren't going to win any awards, they do fit the game's style quite well. Most complaints are bug-related, but this is an independent game so it is to be expected that there will be some bugs. The game is still relatively affordable and is surprisingly enjoyable to play.

Pixel Worlds

Pixel Worlds is a fun combination of MMO and Minecraft (or Terraria, more specifically). The world is 2D and features various crafting and mining mechanics. There are also dungeons and other things to explore. It is unique because it allows other players to join the game. You can join existing servers or create your own server for other players. It's an amazing experience, and it's cross-platform with Mac and PC.


Roblox is often compared with Minecraft, even though Roblox has a lot more to offer. Roblox is a platform that allows people to play many different game types created by community members. You can build and craft. They can also include shooting, puzzles, and other stuff. Roblox and Minecraft are two sides of the same coin in terms freedom. The freedom to play as they please and not being restricted by a set path is what Roblox and Minecraft share. Although this high-level sandbox game play is not like Minecraft, it feels a lot like Minecraft in certain respects.

Survivalcraft 1 & 2

Survivalcraft is one the most similar Minecraft-style games you'll find. You will end up moored at the shore of a block world. You will need to build stuff, craft stuff, make weapons, defend yourself and grow plants. This one goes even further, allowing you to build functional machines that actually do things. Split screen mode allows you to play with up three people if you have a device capable of handling it. Survivalcraft 2 hasn't had an update since 2017, so we're a little worried that it's abandoned. However, it still works fine for now.


Terraria is Minecraft's closest competitor. It shares many of the same elements, including mining, crafting and surviving, as well as killing bosses. This one is in a 2D space, not a 3D like Minecraft. Multiplayer with up to seven players, over 20 biomes that you can explore, NPCs to search for, and many other features are included. This game wasn't available for at least a year because it hadn't been updated in a long time. It seems that the developers are now back in the game. If you have Google Play Pass, this one is also available for free.